Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Week in Review

Very exciting week and a half of basketball.  Had to wait until today to post cause I have been very busy. So let's get to it.  Fantastic games on ESPN last night.  Michigan St. uses another late shot from Kalen Lucas and what a performance from Devan Downey last night in South Carolina's upset of #1 Kentucky.

Game of the Week-  Hard to argue with the South Carolina win.  Very exciting game start to finish.

Player of the Week-  Downey gets it.  He scored 36 of USC's 56 in a last second loss to Florida and was nearly unstoppable last night, scoring 30 in the Gmaecock's upset of Kentucky.

Team of the week- Michigan St.  Starts 7-0 in the Big 10 for the first time since Magic was there. Two buzzer beater finishes as well, on the road vs. Minnesotta and vs Michigan last night.  They are a serious threat to return to the Final Four.  Great head coach in Izzo, great leader in Lucas and the kids buy into the style and always play 40 minutes of basketball.  I'm usually a Big 10 basher, but you have to take the Spartans seriously

Disappointment of the week- Pitt.  I threw the curse on them with my last post.  A loss to Georgetown, which broke their home winning streak, followed up by a sloppy performance in a loss at Seton Hall.

Who should be #1?- My vote goes to Syracuse, but if Kansas beats Kansas St. on Saturday, the will likely move up to #1, but then again it doesn't really matter.  This isn't the BCS.  I just feel out of all the teams I have seen this year, which is pretty much all of them, that Syracuse is the best I have seen.

Time for my seeds if it started today.  #1's would go to Syracuse, Kentucky, Kansas and Villanova.  #2's would be Michigan St., Texas, Kansas St and WVU

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