Monday, January 18, 2010

Lane Kiffen Dumps The Vols for USC

Well Volunteer fans, I bet you hate this picture.  It seemed like yesterday that Lane Kiffen was introduced as the new leader of Volunteer Nation. It seemed like yesterday that Kiffen injected some life in a Volunteer program that it surely needed.  It seemed like yesterday that Kiffen started throwing shots at Urban Meyer and Steve Spurrier.  Wait a minute.  It was yesterday.

Kiffen, pictured to the left with his smoking hot wife, recently dumped the Vols after one short season to take the USC job and return home, where people can actually tolerate him.

In all seriousness, the NCAA absolutely has to do something about the college coaches jumping ship at will.  Do contracts mean absolutely nothing?  Apparantley not if you have been paying attention to college football for the last decade.  Now I'm all for a coach improving himself and taking a "dream job", or a coach from a small program moving to a bigger school, but the NCAA needs to start implenting a set of rules for this garbage.

Kiffen leaving effects everyone of his former players.  Now I know these players are "student athletes" and playing football should be a priveledge no matter who the coach is, but who are we fooling in the big money sport of NCAA football.  Is a coach to discipline a player for breaking team rules when that said coach can't even honor a legal contract?  Sounds like a hypocrite to me.

Now when Kiffen took over at Tennesee, if Jonathen Crompton or Eric Berry didn't want to play for him and wanted to transfer to a different school, each player would have to sit out a year.  Now when a coach essentially transfers to a different school, he faces no penalty what so ever.  The NCAA needs to fix this situation now, It is out of control.

What is one of his new USC players doesn't want to play for Kiffen.  Yep,  one year away from football.

Is it me or is anyone else wondering what everyone sees in Kiffen anyway?  What has he ever done as a head coach? He was a good offensive coordinator as Pete Carroll's lackey.  That's about it.

Maybe he's smart though.  He knows he wasn't a good enough coach to win in the SEC so he put his tail between his legs and ran away from the challenge.  Great example to set for your players Lane.

It's not just football either.  John Calapari dumped Memphis for Kentucky.  If you don't want to stay at one place for a decade, then don't sign a ten year deal.

The NCAA needs to get with the program and start setting some rules here.  There are plenty of good qualified assistant coaches that also deserve a shot.  If a coach under contract wants to explore another job, then the school should grant the permission.  If not, tough luck, you signed the deal in the first place.  be a man and honor it.


  1. Kiffen is a total douschebag but damn how did a lousy coach pull that fine ass blonde

  2. she is smoking. no doubt. I cant blame kiffen for taking the usc job. it may be the best job in ncaa. If the rules permit him to do it then why not.

    doesn't make it right though

  3. her name is layla. i will be singing that song all night